Frequently Asked Questions

If you have hypersensitive skin or are known to have allergic reactions to adhesive bandages, please contact your physician before using. If soreness or rash occurs at any time, discontinue use.

Individuals with a pacemaker should NEVER use the patch.

No. The micro current generated by the Painmaster MCT Patch is too low to be felt.

Individuals using Transdermal Drug Delivery patches should not use the patch before consulting with their physician. Exceptions are being made for estrogen patches; individuals should contact their physician.

No. Pregnant women should not use the patch.

Children under the age of 12 should NEVER use or play with the patch.

Attached to one of the patches is a small red light. As long as this light is illuminated the patch is working. 

A power supply is bonded to and is part of the microchip; it cannot be removed or replaced and is sealed inside the device to protect against water and other element damage.

Yes. The patch is completely waterproof; however we suggest removing the MCT Patch when bathing, to extend its life.

We suggest that the user wear the unit for no longer than 3-5 days and then remove it to avoid irritation to the skin from the adhesive. If there are no signs of irritation, it can be reapplied for additional 3-5 days or until irritation appears. Also, as part of the patch, a small red indicator light is attached. When this light goes out the patch is no longer effective.

Yes. The MCT patch relieves pain in a totally different way. You can use it to enhance relief in conjunction with pain medication. 

No. You should surround the area of pain, placing the patches either up and down or side to side around the pain. 

The battery will last for about 250 hours of total use. Battery life depends on individual usage of the product and the conductivity of the skin.

The MCT patch should only be used within the temperature range of 10°C to 45°C (50°F to 113°F) and a relative humidity range of 20% to 90%.